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Learning Fiddle Tunes by Ear & from Written Music, & Combining Methods Effectively

Learning Fiddle Tunes by Ear & from Written Music, & Combining Methods Effectively

Part II ~ Combining Learning by Ear with Reading Music

Here we look at how the method of learning affects what you learn and thus what you play. Then we look at ways of combining learning by ear and from written music.

Learning Tunes by Listening, Reading and a Combination of the Two

Hopefully if you are someone who has always learned from written music, this set of tutorials and demonstrations has either given you or reinforced an understanding of why learning by ear might be a good thing, and hopefully you've even tried to learn a couple easy tunes by ear.

If you haven't already, I encourage you to buy some software for slowing down music. If you do it the honest way that will cost some money; but I am confident that if you want to learn by ear you will find it quite worthwhile both in terms of learning more quickly and more accurately and in terms of reduced frustration when learning difficult phrases.

  • Obviously in order to slow down a tune with software you need to have digitized music to slow down. If you don't have any music on your phone or computer that may not work; although I think you could get tunes directly off a CD if necessary.
  • I encourage you to obtain software legally. Much software is developed by small companies, often just a couple people. If supported they will continue developing the software; but if too many people copy software without paying they will have no way to continue.

In this section we look at how the method of learning tunes can have a rather profound effect on what you learn, and therefore on how you play. It will affect not just what you learn about the melody, but it will affect your playing style.

Before going on to the next page, you might go back to that comparison between what's in the written music and what's in the music played by any good fiddler.

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Learning by Ear, from Written Music & Combining the Two