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Using abc Notation for Writing Out Fiddle Tunes

abc Links II ~ Links to abc Music Pages

On this page we look at abc music links: links to pages with tunes on them in abc format and links to pages that convert abc notation to standard notation and to playable midi files. Some of these pages allow conversions between a wide variety of music-related formats.


Music Websites

These websites present or help you find music in abc format. Some are search engines and some are sites devoted to music. Some also present the music in standard notation, and a smaller number let you play the music directly from the page. The current website contains a number of music pages. Here are a couple websites that will lead you to lots more.

  • JC's ABC Tune Finder . This is probably the best search engine for tunes in abc format. Type in part or all of the title, or even the contour of the tune to search.
    • In addition to finding tunes it can display standard notation for you in various formats and it can play the tunes.
    • Note: They are in the process of moving to a new server. The new machine is still in the developmental stage but if the above address doesn't work, try this one.
  • Tune Collections . This is a set of links to music collections from the abc Home page. It's very extensive.
    • Look there for links to the Nelson Music Collection, O'Neill's, Elias Howe, Kerr's Merry Melodies, Playford, Cole's Thousand Fiddle Tunes, and many more.

Music Conversion Websites.

These are sites that can take abc notation and convert it to sheet music, play it, and sometimes do more.

  • abcConverter. This web page lets you paste in an abc file and convert it to standard notation and even play it back. In addition you can transpose tunes and there are options to deal with a wide variety of situations and needs.
  • JC's ABC Tune Finder. This is more of a tune finder, but it also converts between different gaphical formats and plays the tunes.
  • ABC Editor. This page converts abc notation to sheet music, plays it and does high quality printing. My favorite thing about it is that it gives informative error messages and highlights the exact source of a problem.




Links to Related Pages



The NH Old-Time Fiddle Website covers a variety of topics related to traditional music and dance of New Hampshire and surrounding areas.

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Contact & About Page + Site News

Use the Menu (upper left) to navigate. Here are the main topics covered on this web site.

  • Fiddle Tunes! Tunes in abc notation and in PDF format.
  • abc Notation . Music written out in text form that can be displayed as standard notation and played back for proofreading or tune learning. Section includes:
    • abc tutorial on basics of using abc notation & links to web sites that document/teach abc, sources of music in abc, & to abc reader/converter software.
  • Learning tunes by ear and from notation, a discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of each, differences in what is learned, combining the use of both kinds of learning with relevant links.
  • About Fiddle Music. General discussion of fiddle-related topics, starting with choosing chords for a tune.
  • Lamprey River Band. About the transition from the Dover dance to the Durham dance with schedule information.