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Using abc Notation for Writing Out Fiddle Tunes

Links to Websites About & Making Use of abc Notation

Most websites related to abc notation fall into a few general categories. Some fall into two or more of these categories.

  • Informative websites document or teach some aspects of how abc notation works or how it is used.
  • Music websites present music in abc format, and often as standard notation as well. There are many thousands of tunes on the web in abc format, so this is an enormously useful resource.
  • Conversion websites let you paste your own abc code into a text box and  convert it to standard notation and into midi files that you can play back.
  • Software web sites generally have free downloadable abc software for conversion of abc code to standard notation and/or to playable midi files.

There are many thousands of tunes on the web in abc format

The next few pages present links to some important and useful websites in each category. Note that there are many more, too many for me to present them all here.

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abc Links ~ Overview of  Useful Links & Software for abc Notation

The abc notation system has largely become the standard method of presenting fiddle tunes in notation form  — especially when it comes to exchanging tunes over the internet. Here we look at links to useful web pages about or making use of abc notation. We also look at some of the important software used to convert notation into standard musical notation and to play tunes written in abc notation.


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The NH Old-Time Fiddle Website covers a variety of topics related to traditional music and dance of New Hampshire and surrounding areas.

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Use the Menu (upper left) to navigate. Here are the main topics covered on this web site.

  • Fiddle Tunes! Tunes in abc notation and in PDF format.
  • abc Notation . Music written out in text form that can be displayed as standard notation and played back for proofreading or tune learning. Section includes:
    • abc tutorial on basics of using abc notation & links to web sites that document/teach abc, sources of music in abc, & to abc reader/converter software.
  • Learning tunes by ear and from notation, a discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of each, differences in what is learned, combining the use of both kinds of learning with relevant links.
  • About Fiddle Music. General discussion of fiddle-related topics, starting with choosing chords for a tune.
  • Lamprey River Band. About the transition from the Dover dance to the Durham dance with schedule information.