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New England Fiddling: About the Music

Fiddle Tunes: A Listing of Sources

Here is a listing of the sources I used in compiling and transcribing these tunes. There are undoubtedly sources that got away, as some of the tunes were originally transcribed as early as 1983. But certainly these are the most important ones. I am including both a list of sources and downloadable documents containing the list.



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List of Sources for the Tunes

Here is a list of the sources I used for this project. Sources include records, cassettes, CDs, and online sources. Some were used to figure out the basic melody, some were used to get details of melody, and some were used to figure out chords. Some are still in print but many are not. Some of those are available on YouTube and in other places. You might be interested in when the sources were recorded. I've made a graph of the distribution of dates. The earliest source with a date was 1951, athough several were older but I don't have a recording date.

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